sobota, 21 września 2013


another part of photos with Angelika.
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have a nice day!

wtorek, 10 września 2013


a few photos that we took quite a long time ago. i've also got another part of this photoshoot, i'll surely post it here soon.

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środa, 28 sierpnia 2013

i have always wanted to take pics like those above and i finally did with my sister.
hope you like them at least half as much as i do : )

wtorek, 6 sierpnia 2013


i had had such a long break from taking pics so you can even imagine how excited i was when we finally did this photoshoot with Klaudia : )

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niedziela, 7 lipca 2013

so excited!

dear bulgaria, i'm coming! FINALLY!

sobota, 6 lipca 2013

wtorek, 25 czerwca 2013


' [...] but life didn't work like that, allowing you to jump cut to the future and witness the consequences of your actions. Things just happened and you made your choices as you went along, hoping blindly that everything would turn out OK. "